As an artist on the go, you know that inspiration often strikes in the most unlikely places.  But inspiration never waits for you to find the perfect conditions.  You’ve got to either capture that lightening the moment it strikes or it’s gone forever.  That’s why we created the Eyeball, so you can create studio quality tracks anytime, anyplace. Kaotica envisions a colorful tapestry of artists, their stories and shared ideas, creators and industry pros like yourself who make up our awesome community!

Kaotica was born in 2009 when founder, Konrad Zukowski, was watching his friend make beats in his basement studio.  His friend had just finished installing thousands of dollars’ worth of foam and sound insulation to treat his space, unfortunately all his time, money and effort did not produce his desired outcome.  With a passion in music, and an urge to resolve this dilemma, Konrad applied his background in business and innovative spirit into creating Kaotica and the revolutionary Eyeball used by some of the world’s greatest talent today.

 It took years of research and development, patent implementation, and countless hours to introduce the Kaotica Eyeball to the world in 2015.  Established in Canada, Kaotica believes in supporting local suppliers and businesses.  The Eyeball is 100% manufactured in North America to ensure consistent quality. Our services are found locally to provide outstanding support and experience to our valued customers.

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