Lonestarr Muzik

Lonestarr Muzik

Deep in the heart of the Lone Star state lies a producer from Dallas who claimed his state’s motto as his own. He calls himself Lonestarrmuzik. He has been making a name for himself around the Dallas hip hop scene and has collaborated with a wide range of artists and producers including King Miz and S1. He has also cut tracks with the production team, The Olympicks, whose star line up includes Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, asap Rocky and more. On the artist side, Lonestarrmuzik has worked with prominent artists like Two Chains, Two Pistols, Rash Cash, Gorillaz O, DJ Luke Nasty, BET Music Moguls, Big K.R.I.T. Lamar Lens. and Dion Primo.

We sat down with him in the studio and asked how he brings his magic to making music and living the Kaotica life.

Who Is Lonestarrmuzik and what makes you uniquely you?

"Drums rhythm, groove. Man, my strong point is definitely my unique drum patterns, my unique rhythm, my unique feel."

And pocket you know. I didn't necessarily grow up in a church playing drums and nothing like that but I'm just a stickler for that groove. So I have a really particular ear when it comes to the texture of drums, the feel of drums, the movement of that has to be unique, has to be profound.


How important are the vocals to the production?

Very important. It’s everything. The vocals are an instrument unto themselves. It has to be taken well care of and put in its proper place to be the perfect marriage with the production. The Kaotica Eyeball allows me to capture the perfect vocal, whether I"m chillin in a home music studio or the big studio.


So what would be one secret tip that you'd be willing to share from your Lonestarrmuzik brand secret sauce that could really benefit another artist or producer that you would want to share?

Well here’s one that has been working for me. I always go to like Break beats. It’s a staple. And it pops. I mean I always go to Break beats and manipulate it. I study the drummer for the feel and where they were going with the pattern but I also manipulate it and make it my own. And I do that several different ways. I’ll use Glitch or I'll do it manually you know. I use Effectrix or just any other plug in that will make that pattern feel unique.

"It’s about that groove, that movement I’m looking for. And then I’ll just add stuff on top of that."

So it's a mixture of programmed and a break beat for added texture as an undertone of the rhythm.


How could the Eyeball help you in a mobile capacity?

Well, it helps a whole lot because it’s damn near like a portable recording studio. It eliminates a lot of room noise and captures great vocals. Especially when we’re on the road. Like, I’m getting ready to go to New York and I’ve got my Eyeball with me ready for the recording.

"It’s like a portable vocal booth that I can set up in seconds and capture the spark when we’re vibing on something say in the hotel room."

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Man, more than anything life, bro. No. Names and just being able to wake up and understand that with life you have nn infinite amount of creativity. To me life is creativity.

"We were all created you know by one high source or one divine source or whatever you want to call it."

So for me to wake up in the morning and be able to provide a reality through creativity. It means the most to me bro. Not a lot of people get to wake up and just create music bro or create life or create whatever you know to get by through the day. A lot of people have the 9 to 5 or whatever have you. But it's all about your thoughts. So that's really what's been inspiring me more than anything bro, just creativity.

Why does music matter?

"Music can play the healer. Music can play as a voice for people, whether it be social circumstances or political circumstances or whatever. A lot of people can use their voice."

Music is important too because you can generate memories on top of it being the soundtrack to your life. It’s even deeper into like the scientific part of it you know the mathematical part of it you know what I mean. It’s a really powerful is a really powerful medium. Music is a gift. Music is life.


What would you want people to remember you for?

The emotional feelings conveyed through my music. Look at the greats like Dylan, whose whole existence was music. It goes back to creativity and all that creative energy. That gets expressed in a lot of different ways. So I might say I want a child you know and that takes a certain kind of creative energy to create that child. So even when I'm creating music, those are my children. Those are seeds that will live if I sow them in the right place. They’ll touch somebody and grow with somebody. So it’s most definitely the emotions that are conveyed through my music. And that I kept growing and that I was really passionate and I was really studious about it. So yeah I want to be remembered for that emotion and the impression that my music left on people.